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Quatrième de couverture

  • Advances in modern chemotherapy, by Michael ALEXANDER
  • The Revel, by John LANGAN
  • Mr Sweetpants and the living-dead, by Albert E. COWDREY
  • Pinning to be human, Richard BOWES
  • The Lost Elephants of Kenysha, by Ken ALTABEF
  • The Precedent, by Sean McMULLEN
  • Recrossing the stick, by Ian R. MacLEOD
  • Brother of the river, by Nick NORWOOD
  • The tale of nameless chameleon, by Brenda CARRE
  • Epidapheles and the inadequakely enraged demon, by Ramsay SHEAHDEH
  • Introduction to joyous cooking, 200th anniversary edition, by Heather LINDSLEY
  • Physics, by Annabell BEAVER


Collection : Fantasy & Science-Fiction

Éditeur : MERCURY

Parution :

Poids : 180g